Social Media

With billions of people connected via the internet on a daily basis, it is important for companies and brands to understand how social media can affect their business and not only drive traffic to their sites, but also create an interactive community to help the brand change and grow to meed the needs of the consumer.


Green Kitchen Stories is a blog dedicated to making an ordinary, sometimes labor-intensive task such as eating healthy into something that can been seen as exciting and fun.

Instagram is the perfect platform to showcase their stunning photography and promote an adventurous approach to eating and living well. They integrate photos of their travels, family life, and involving their children in the process of cooking and making food, all while maintaining a look that is professional, cohesive, and yet still relaxed and fun. Their photos tell stories without having to use so many words, and creates an instant appeal for viewers.

Neil deGrasse Tyson is a world-renowned astrophysicist and author whose approach to science and public persona has made him a celebrity and gained him a very large social media following. He has over 5.8 million followers on twitter, and rather than simply posting science facts or articles, he uses his natural comedic wit and sarcasm to provoke social commentary and relate to his audience in a way that is not monotonous or boring.

Astrophysics is a field which, in the past, has been viewed as very technical and not easily accessible to the average person. He has a natural ability to break it down into thoughts and ideas which are more relatable to all of us non-physicists out there.

Many of his tweets are contemplating life’s most existential questions.


He also knows how to maintain a sense of humor, even in the face of criticism.


And many of his posts have absolutely nothing to do with science. He’s just a guy who obviously has a passion for learning, but knows not to take life so seriously. It’s this approach which I believe has gained him the success and following that he has, while also engaging the social community in intelligent (and often times un-intelligent) banter and encouraging people to look at science in a whole new way.

Printed media is becoming less and less used these days, and for companies whose main source of revenue was traditionally in selling physical copies of printed information, maintaining a strong online presence is essential to promoting their brand and keep consumers engaged.  Yoga Journal uses Pinterest to connect with their readers and promote the lifestyle and ideas which are central to their brand.


Not only do they post articles and ideas from their own site, but they promote other people, brands, and ideas, much the same way ads in a magazine would. This can create a sort of community of like-minded business coming together to serve a specific type of consumer.

Although there is less social commentary on Pinterest than on other platforms, I think it is still an effective tool for this company. It allows followers to share information and inspiration with each other and re-pin on their own accounts, and allows people who have similar interests to connect. It will also help the editors to have an understanding of the kind of information people react most to and want to see on their website.


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