Thoughts on the Class

This class was definitely a learning experience, more on a personal level than anything. I came to the class after almost 10 years since my last college course. Just being motivated to go back to school was a big step for me. Overcoming anxiety about presenting my work and learning how to work within deadlines have been my two biggest obstacles in my art career so far. I’m still definitely working on both of them, but this has been a good start for me.

While I appreciated the information that was presented in the lectures, I personally feel that it would have been useful to have a more hands-on approach. I think that it is easier to learn something when you can walk through it step-by-step as you are hearing the information, rather than just presenting it and then having the students work on their own. Maybe it is just my style of learning, but I found that it took me a while to process the information, after it was presented, into practical application. There were times, for instance with the video design and web design, were I felt that it would have been very helpful to have files that the class could have worked on as you explained the process, so we could learn it as it was being presented. Lectures can get boring sometimes, for both the teacher and the students, and I think this would help break up that monotony.

I liked the addition of career information and guidance, and, although it may not be applicable in your next classes, also being able to see the process of the portfolio students. Having a guest speaker was nice, and although what I took away from it was probably the complete opposite of what was intended, it was still helpful.

I would say my favorite part of the class was the video design. I was not expecting it to be as much fun as it was. Mostly because of the opportunity to create a visual “story” which I really enjoyed. Even if I don’t use it in my career path, it is definitely something that I would like to dive deeper into in the future.

There were times when the discussions strayed pretty far from what was in the curriculum, and while that doesn’t bother me, there were plenty of instances where it seemed, although sometimes entertaining, less than professional. I wasn’t personally offended (that doesn’t happen often), if anything I find things like that helpful in knowing what to avoid, and how to deal with people who like to push the boundaries (and obviously something which I have had to deal with). That’s not to say that it’s ok to go around pushing people’s buttons for the sake of it, but that is just my takeaway.

Everything is a learning experience for me, even the things I don’t particularly like. Overall I enjoyed the class, and I felt that I learned quite a bit, even if it was not what was intended. Hopefully this will help give you some of the insight you are looking for, and will help you next semester. Good luck!


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